Raising Awareness, Enhancing Choices and Expanding Thought

Raising Awareness, Enhancing Choices and Expanding Thought

InterACT New York utilizes dramatic enactments to raise awareness about challenging issues facing teens, young adults and staff members. When credible actors play out realistic drama, audience members see issues in a whole new light. This paves the way for enlightened thinking and open dialogue about critical life choices.

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InterACT New York

InterACT NY made an incredible impact on our employees, families, and the men and women we support. We are truly grateful to have been given the privilege to work with Francine, who is a kind, intelligent and creative woman that AHRC Suffolk was able to work with. She was able to quickly and artistically create a skit that truly embodied our approach and mission. Not only was InterACT NY's work inventive, but it truly grasped the attention of every person in the room.

Jessica Figliozzi

Special Projects Coordinator
AHRC Suffolk

InterACT New York

After participating in the extraordinary experience of an InterACT New York's program, it's hard to imagine having a session on interpersonal dynamics that isn't done by InterACT New York. Fran and her team are among the most experienced and talented social work professionals out there, and their insights have made us better at what we do.

Ira Dounn

Director Of Jewish Enrichment for BBYO's Northeast Hub

InterACT New York

The InterACT New York's program is exactly what I was looking for to enlighten our students about the complicated and controversial issues facing today's clergy. Your intelligence, sensitivity and warmth established a safe space for open dialogue. The vignettes that your actors brought to life helped us prepare our own personal scripts in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

Ora Horn Prouser, PhD

Executive Vice President and
Academic Dean Of the Academy for Jewish Religion

InterACT New York

InterACT New York's program at our Freshmen Orientation surpassed my expectations. Fran and her troupe of actors introduced our new students to the challenging issues that come up on our college campus including depression, peer pressure, relationship abuse, academic integrity and drug and alcohol use. InterACT New York's ability to stimulate dialogue and facilitate different intervention strategies makes it an invaluable asset for every college campus.

Denise Ingenito, LCSW

Director of Counseling, Health & Wellness Dowling College, Oakdale, NY


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