InterACT NY Offers
Online & Hybrid Programs

Talented actors Bring Real Teen Drama to Life Interactive Post-vignette Discussion with Mental Health Expert Topics Include: Anxiety, Loneliness, Peer ...
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Check out this highlight from one of our Virtual Showcases.

InterACT NY Zoom from Interact Newyork on Vimeo.
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InterACT NY Goes Virtual

Now you can be a part of our InterACT NY programs from virtually anywhere! As the pandemic hit and InterACT ...
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Coping During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned From a Banana-Shaped Game

By Fran Mendelowitz, LCSW Bananagrams Bananagrams: How can a little game the size of a banana offer so many big ...
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Looking Back at 2020: In Reverse

Image: If we look at 2020 in reverse, we see 0202. 02, the commonly referred to abbreviation for oxygen which many think ...
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When Anxiety Accelerates, Press The Pause Button

Anxiety is pervasive. It is universally felt and it is increasingly interfering in people’s lives.  Anxiety doesn’t just hijack the ...
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InterACT New York

SH…We’ve been too quiet for too long!

SH stands for Sexual Harassment and SH… also reminds us that we’ve been too quiet (shushed) for too long about the importance of teaching the ...
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