What We Do

InterACT New York:

  • Addresses sensitive and complex topics in a real, relevant and memorable manner.
  • Creates and enacts tailor-made vignettes about pertinent social and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and sexual harassment.
  • Actively engages audience members through post-vignette discussions with leading mental health professionals and trained actors who stay in character.


InterACT at your Organization

InterACT works with companies, non-profits, youth groups and agencies to create innovative programs around timely mental health and social issues. Programs are designed to provide critical information and action-oriented training for a range of audiences.

InterACT on Campus

After consultation with college staff to determine specific training needs, the InterACT team uses engaging, interactive drama to heighten awareness about mental health and social issues, while teaching students about available resources.

InterACT New York

InterACT at School

InterACT works with students and staff in middle and high schools to address issues related to mental health tolerance and inclusiveness and healthy intimate relationships in an effort to combat the rise in hate incidents, bullying, mental illness and sexual assault.

InterACT at Camp

InterACT works with camp staff to train them in managing camper and staff issues before they become problematic. Programs are designed according to camp needs, highlighting topics that include but are not limited to: mental health, sexual harassment, leadership development, homesickness and bullying, Once topics are chosen, scenarios are written and performed by trained actors. Each scenario is followed by an interactive, results-oriented, resource-building discussion lead by a mental health expert. Audience members are coached to interact with actors as they remain in character, providing a meaningful, long-lasting effect.



How long is each InterACT program?

Each program is uniquely designed to fit the needs of your team. Programs typically run anywhere from 60-120 minutes. We make sure to allow time for character-audience interaction.

​What is the typical audience size?

Audience size ranges from 10-300.

What is the fee schedule of an InterACT program?

Please contact Fran Mendelowitz for prices. She can be reached at [email protected].

How do I know if InterACT will be an effective program for my team?

Please contact us directly so that we can answer your specific questions. We can also refer you to clients who have used the program in the past so that you can assess whether it is the right fit for you.

Why Become an Interactor?

Because you would have the unique opportunity to:

  • Educate community audiences in a meaningful and memorable way
  • Become part of a vibrant team of performers
  • Take part in an exciting, progressive business
  • Receive flexible work hours
  • Use your creative acting/improvising talents
  • Receive excellent training about psychodrama and mental health issues
How Can I Become an Interactor?

You can begin the process of becoming an actor with InterACT NY by sending a statement of interest to: [email protected].

How can I get preliminary information about hosting an InterACT New York program?

To receive preliminary information about an InterACT NY program, please send your statement of interest to:[email protected].

Does InterACT offer virtual programs?

Yes, InterACT offers programs online that range from 25 minutes and longer. Please be sure to inquire about the different types of virtual programs that are offered.